Related to Air

Synthetic biology redefines our world on a scientific and practical level and likewise will have impact on our culture. It changes the perception of our environment and where former technologies could easily be recognized as artificial, the bounderies of man-made and natural melt and mix.
Within the last decades we had to learn that bacteria are rather substantial for our wellbeing and our relationship to them changed from fear to sympathy. We modify bacteria within our body and on our body and we create variations of existing microbes to perfect the substances we produce.
But since the air we breath is filled with microbes and particles, will we also start altering those that thrive in the air around us?
Bioterrorism has abused the medium air to transfer diseases – but trees communicate via air by sending hormons and lately we found energy-producing bacteria in the stratosphere. If we are about to understand air as a commercial substance, will we raise questions like ‘who owns the air?‘ – Wind, clouds, soapbubbles or smoke might not merely be a delightful vision any longer but will offer a way to contain information and transpor energy or monitor health-issues. Along the way, the simply beautyful will turn into something useful and another wonder will be unveiled.