Altered Fate

Altered Fate is a film that collects clothes which are used for lucky and bad charms. Whilst revealing the hopes and fears we all share about our future, charms are the ideal example for the storytelling that is interlinked with our clothes.

  1.  the knotted handkerchief is a common lucky charm supposed to keep the devil away by his displeasing form.
  2.  a hat worn the wrong way will bring you bad luck.
  3.  gloves that fall to the floor mean good luck if someone picks them up for you, but bad luck if you pick them up yourself.
  4.  an open shoe-lace will bring you bad luck, of course.
  5.   to wear your shirt the wrong way round is probably one of the best known superstitions linked to clothes.
  6.  the shirt you button up the wrong way will bring you bad luck.

Excerpt of the Storyline:

It is sunday, one of these days one is supposed to enjoy. The sun is creeping into the house and fills it with the taste of happiness. It feeds your inner exigency to go out and take a deep breath, it makes you want to walk through the park and enjoy the families laughing in the street. It’s an unlucky day. I have no fear of the near future, I am no longer afraid of the far future. I’ve found a way to control it. One could say, I’m playing a trick on it. I won’t give it all up just for a sunny day. My portion of luck has been used up during the last six days. That’s the price I have to pay to alter my fate. “Everyone has a portion of luck in his life and I consumed mine quickly.” These were her last words. So I decided to portion mine. I wear one item that brings me either good or bad luck every day. I don’t really care about other charms like horse shoes and I actually don’t like to have them around. I don’t want to confuse my fate – it is used to my system now. My fortunetelling clothes are much less obvious. And they don’t try to work all the time. Only when I wear them. They naturally follow me around and become one with me. Of course I like the white ones better, they ease my days and I trust them. The black ones are a little more tricky, but I would’t say I don’t like them. Without the bad there could’t be the good, right? When I wear them they remind me of how lucky I am most of the days and that I shouldn’t demand too much. Little portions of good luck and little portions of bad luck. Monday will be an easy day. A little bit of bad luck won’t harm too much. And I like to start the week with a proper shirt anyway, so the wrongly buttoned one then. Tuesday should be an easy day too. The weather is not supposed to be nice, so the hat I wear the wrong way should work. I guess it is a good sign I have no bad feelings about those ones that bring me bad luck. I do accept my fate more or less. I just try to not get too much of it at once, be it good or bad. Today, I will wear the shoe with the open lace, since I’m not going to leave the house. I can read a book, there isn’t much that can happen to me whilst reading a book. Maybe I will burn my tongue on a hot cup of tea, or I will wash my clothes too hot. We’ll see.