Indivicracy – tale of a future government

The design-fiction Indivicracy rethinks democracy and suggests an alternative form of government. As globalisation fosters an increase of migratory existence worldwide, the project depicts a community that has forged a non-territorial statehood with legal rights and representatives similar to the ones appearing in settled societies.


The term Indivicracy merges the words ‘Individual+Democracy’ and suggests to replace the materiality of territory with the one of the individual. Thus, the government resembles a real-life ‘social network’ and is placed trans-nationally, purposefully avoiding settlement as a basic ideal.

Life-sized characters represent the fluctuating nation as they wear so called ‘body-vehicles’ – the national dress of this deterritorialized future statehood. The emergence of the nation is illustrated in a graphic novel and delivers a story revealing reasons and cultural changes which lastly make for Indivicracy to get acknowledged as a memebr-state of the UN.

Indivicracy aims to depict how inhabiting physical and digital spheres results in a clash of ideals and value systems: in 2014, the UNHCR released a report titled ‘world on a move’ and analysed migration as the biggest challenge for nations and humans alike. At the same time, communication technologies and the digital age foster globalisation and deterritorialization, resulting in the need to reevaluate traditional systems such as democracy.