Monogram is a fashion collection that used an interactive installation to involve its customers.

The patterns of Monogram garments are borrowed from the alphabet and hence create the aesthetic basis of the collection. All shaping characteristics of the human body are disregarded. The hard-edged letters melt to curves and counters widen to neck-holes when worn on the body. Readability turns into wearability. As outfits unfold, the letters become visible. Similar to the virtual world, the physical body is eclipsed. Especially manufactured jewellery by Sabine Roth sized and re-shaped the letters when attached to the body.


An interactive installation prompts visitors to use their bodies to playfully follow the design of the letters. To do so, they have to cover dots on a life-sized screen. Afterwards, they have the chance to download and share the short clips showing their personal performance. Within two days we generated 400 videos as visitors took part in the installation.