JOURNAL – People Berlin. One label, many faces

Its great to meet interesting people, its hard to stay in touch with all of them. However, its even better if at some point, out of the blue, you get an invite to check out a project that might be up your alley and then you realize, the makers are some old friends of yours. I might have mentioned before that I don’t necessarily keep up with the fashion world in reading magazines or blogs the way I should – in fact my knowledge is often ‘heard through the grapevine’.

While People Berlin is social – and we all love the rare moments of social in fashion – it does something even better:

People Berlin resists the stardom, doesn’t name one designer but many, focusses on the people, not the garment. I still have to go visit them at some point, but I strongly recommend to check out their new collection in case you are based in Berlin this August. Better concept than Vetements and surely more anti-fashion in the right way.

So what does People Berlin do you might wonder. Here’s a little teaser:

PEOPLE BERLIN is a social fashion label where, between fashion and art, young people with a background affected by addiction or mental illness, designers and creatives join forces and work together on a common Edition. From 27th of August until 10th of September EDITION 2 – SNOW IN SUMMER is presented and available for public sale in a Temporary Shop in Berlin. The total revenue will flow back into the project. We will start our Temporary Shop with an OPENINGEVENT on 27th of August, where a lot of participants will  talk about the collection and their work. Detailed information will follow soon.
On the occasion of People Berlin’s upcoming event, presence from the public and press are very important to support our project.

So go on, support!