The Peut-Porter Platform: Crafting Narratives. Designing Bodies.

Fitting neither into Haute Couture nor Prêt-à-Porter, the design platform Peut-Porter forms its own category, interrogating and imagining all that is ‘worn’ in its widest sense.

We put the body in context and occupy the space of the may be and may come – the ‘peut-être’ in French. We firmly believe in garments to be social reactors that have the power to create vision and specialize in crafting characters, narratives and experiences with and for the human body. As a collective we interrogate, make, provoke, share and teach. Inherently future facing, we create artefacts that investigate body politics and social change through the lens of fashion.

Peut-Porter works on self initiated research projects as well as collaborations and commissions. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you.

Our work results in:

Garments & Artefacts // Films & Performances // Experiences & Exhibitions // Workshops & Lectures

Alexa Pollmann

As founder of the Peut-Porter Platform, Alexa likes to collaborate, co-create and facilitate. She describes her work as ‘Design Culturing’ and whilst her practice is body-centric, she constantly seeks to challenge the current notion of ‘wear’. Originally a fashion designer, Alexa leads the Wearable Futures MA at Ravensbourne College London and holds a Master in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art.

Sabine Roth

Sabine has a profound knowledge of craft and materials whilst using new technologies as a research method and inspiration to design wearable pieces: Originally trained in jewellery design, she holds a MA in Textiles Mixed Media (RCA) where she started to explore sensory technology. Her talent lies in combining traditional materials with contemporary techniques and in materialising the ephemeral.

Kat Thiel

A critical analyst and compulsive (re)creator, Kat’s practice looks at how digital dis-embodiment is perceived and created. Spanning various media, her work carries out responses to the tense space between control and agency, comfort and branding. Her work reflects a highly critical perspective on fashion’s impact on social behaviour within technocratic, market driven systems. She holds an MA in Fashion Futures from London College of Fashion, is part of the curatorial team at Fashion Space Gallery in London and lectures at various Universities across the UK.


We worked for and with:

Design Museum London

Burberry’s Creative Media Department

Siobhan Davies Dance

Victoria & Albert Museum London

National Health Service

Goethe Institut Dubai

Center for Arts & Media Karlsruhe

Royal College of Art

Ravensbourne College

University of the Arts London



Oliver Wrobel

Oliver has a deep fascination and knowledge of nature and animals in particular. He graduated with a MA in Communication Design, Art History and Scenography, and obtained professional experience in spatial communication and visualization over the course of the last ten years. He supports Peut-Porter in visualization, exhibition and research.

Carlos Monleon-Gendall

Carlos engages with remote and propioceptive imaging technologies and conducts body-centric research. He as well, holds a MA in Design Interactions from the RCA though comes from a Fine Art background. He is a connoisseur of bodily processes and specializes in nutrition, movement and the cultural aspects of ‘wear’.