Uncover the Void

Uncover the Void consists of eight self-sufficient outfits which explore the moment a garment is not worn: instead of collapsing to flat pieces when not presented in the context of the body, they expand – exploring the space they define and inhabit. Each of the outfits suggests its own concept of space as they mimic the echo of sound, take on architectural logistics or deconstruct notorious systems of usage. In the process, the idea of a fashion collection is unraveled and the garments are explored as artefacts one would visit in an art exhibtion. The eight outfits unite as they follow the same purpose instead of being visualy coherent in terms of style or shape. The project hence suggests to treat clothes as products instead of turning them into subordinates of perpetual declinations. By doing so, the garments are enhanced with an alter ego and deliver an alternative value as they are able to exist independently.

m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_1 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_2 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_3 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_4 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_5 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_6 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_7 m_SS11_polale_01-_7_polale_8