Yosuke Ushigome: Professional Sharer

A showpiece-jacket Peut-Porter concepted and designed for Yosuke Ushigome. The professional sharer was exhibited in the “Fab Mind” exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight Tokyo and is currently on show in Dublin Science Gallery: the project suggests a speculative future scenario when our clothes and we as individuals will become substitutes to the ever booming sharing economy:
‘So called Sharing Economy has been booming. For those who are not familiar, it’s a term for a type of services in which an individual can lend or sell her idling assets to others who need them. Airbnb allow you to let your idling room, ZipCar – cars, Task Rabbit – time & skill, etc.’
Read more on the project here: http://www.yosukeushigo.me/professional-sharing-1/


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